New Molar Implant System

Dental Implants Evolved

HollowBrook Dental utilizes Proximerge dental implants to replace missing molars.  Proximerge implants provide our patients with permanent tooth replacement that is easy to maintain and restores beautiful smiles.  With Proximerge dental implants, our patients can reclaim their confidence, function, and overall well-being.

  • Restores your Natural-looking Smile
  • Improves Function
  • Hassle-free Maintenance
  • Preserves Jaw Bone Density & Health
  • Long-lasting and Durable
  • Enhances Oral Health and Quality of Life


Until recently, all implants have been round and molars are rectangular or square.  The round shape creates hidden spaces for food collection below the gum line, often called food trapping.  At least half of patients with round implants in molar spaces report food trapping.  Trapped food is very difficult to remove, creating annoyance and discomfort along with long-term issues, including damage to adjacent teeth and periodontal disease.


The Proximerge Implant has been designed to resolve food trapping issues, providing an anatomical implant for molar replacement.  This innovative design provides patients with a more comfortable prosthetic, reducing the potential for trapped food and better hygiene and oral health.


Quadric BioMed, a pioneering dental implant company, is revolutionizing the dental implant industry with its groundbreaking Proximerge implant. FDA cleared in October 2022, Proximerge is designed to deliver a better patient experience, simpler hygiene, and improved oral-systemic health for patients worldwide.


In order for us to help you afford the needed care, we do take dental insurance and will submit for payment on any insurance plan but we cannot guarantee payment from your insurance company. We are dedicated to work at maximizing your insurance benefits for covered procedures.


If you would prefer to cover your treatment costs over an extended period of time, we have partnered with two of the nations leading patient payment programs. Care Credit and Proceed Finance have payment terms available from 6 months to 60 months and will allow you to start your treatment immediately! Both companies are third-party financing companies and opting for financing is completely at your sole discretion.

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