Reasons You May Need a Dental Implant

One of the first things people think about when considering a dental implant is how it can help to restore their smile and provide a natural-looking solution for a missing tooth or teeth. In Colorado Springs, many people have opted to have their dental implants performed at HollowBrook Dental, where specialists have a great deal of experience performing the surgery, and achieving a successful outcome.

Reasons to have dental implant surgery: 

Below you’ll find some of the reasons that people have chosen to have dental implant surgery performed.

Long Lasting Solution

First of all, having implants installed provides the most natural look to your smile, and gives you the absolute best results, in terms of durability and a long-lasting solution. Implants typically last 10-15 years or more, and after that, it may be necessary to replace the crown. The implant itself will rarely need replacement, because part of the process involves having the implant grow into your jawbone to become part of it. That provides the stability you need, and it gives you a rock-solid anchor for the crown that will eventually be placed on top of it. 

Prevent Bone Loss

Having an implant installed can also prevent the bone loss that normally occurs when you have a missing tooth that you don’t replace. Your jawbone will lose mass if a missing tooth is not replaced, simply because there is no stimulation for that portion of the jawbone. When that happens, some of the jawbone mass is re-absorbed and lost. Studies have shown that approximately 30% of your jawbone mass in the area of a missing tooth will disappear within six months after the loss.

Preserve your Healthy Smile

Another great reason to get a dental implant is to keep the rest of the teeth in your mouth healthy and stable. When a missing tooth goes unreplaced, some of the other teeth in that immediate vicinity can slowly shift toward the gap, and damage the configuration of your bite. That can lead to all kinds of other issues that are not healthy for your mouth or your teeth. 

Maintain your Beautiful Smile

As any good dentist can tell you, one of the best reasons to have dental implants installed is to restore the cosmetic appearance of your facial area. When you experience any amount of jawbone loss, it can trigger several other undesirable developments. Chief among these are collapsed cheeks, sagging skin, bite misalignment, and a sunken appearance that makes you look much older. There is no more stable solution in existence for a missing tooth than to have a dental implant installed, and that’s why it’s considered the gold standard for tooth replacement.

Visit HollowBrook Dental 

The best dentist in the world may not achieve a 100% success rate with implants, but at HollowBrook Dental, it comes very close to that!  You can trust your surgery will be done with care and precision by our expert team.  If you are considering dental implants, call our office today and schedule your consultation.